SEO Services South Africa

We provide top class SEO services South Africa to gain organic traffic for your niche market. The smartest method to bring free traffic to your site.

Local SEO Services

Your business should be found for visitors that search for your services. We can assist your clients find your site and drive more traffic.


We have the tools and experience to implement the right PPC campaigns for your business. We can research keywords to maximize your ROI.

Social Media

We can assist you in implementing the right SM campaigns to engage your customers and prospects. We provide real time SM reports.

Full Digital Marketing Agency

SEOMart is a professional integrated Digital Marketing Agency specializing in SEO Services South Africa, Social Media Marketing and PPC. We can generate measurable ROI by providing unique online marketing plans for your business.

We are a one-stop digital marketing agency that leverages effective strategies, data and technology to build unique online marketing experiences for our clients that deliver maximum profits.

We help our clients attract qualified visitors and convert prospects into customers. We will assist your online marketing funnel by managing your site, web content, social media and AdWords campaigns all in our detailed online dashboard.

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SEO Services South Africa

Search engine optimization has been evolving and changing all the time. Our team will help your online marketing campaigns setup, keep you updated with effective optimization strategies and provide you real time reports that show your return on investment.

We can help you to establish website goals, priorities, primary your online competitors. We can run a research on a website authority, work on the main keywords of your competitors using our own tools, analytics and a comprehensive competitor analysis.

We can help you to implement an effective SEO plan considering competitors research, deep analysis results, and implement SEO Best Practices according to the Google guidelines.

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Local SEO Services

Your clients are now searching on local and mobile advertising channels and directories to find and stop by local businesses. We put your website on the local map and your services and company messages in front of your prospect visitors so your website can drive more business.

We can help your business rank higher in your local area markets. We implement these techniques to claim local directory listings, local citations and off-page and on-page optimization. Local SEO has proven to be an important marketing strategy compared to other online marketing channels.

We can optimize your website for Google+, local page with photos, relevant videos and description of your business. We can help you to optimize your web presence on over local directories. We have the tools to monitor the traffic for your website.

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Pay Per Click Services

Pay-Per-Click is an important area of paid Search Engine Marketing. With PPC paid advertising, your website bids for advertising spots on major search engines such as Google and Bing. We’ll assist you optimize and manage effective PPC campaigns for your business.

We can implement effective PPC advertising campaigns to bring the relevant traffic for your website. It is the fastest method of marketing a website which allows your website to be in front of the visitors when they are searching for your products and services and have a ready buying decision.

With our PPC management plan puts your website in front of your local target audience at the right time. It is the smartest choice for small businesses that are looking for quick results.

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Social Media Strategies

Social media marketing is one of the best online sources of gaining site traffic through social media website such as Facebook. Our SM marketing strategies include content creation to attract attention and encourages visitors to share it in their social websites.

A company message and brand can spread pretty quickly from user to other users and resonates because it appears to come from an established trusted third-party website, as opposed to the company website itself. This method of marketing is basically driven by word-of-mouth, which means that results are free traffic rather than paid advertising.

We provide real time SM analytics through our online dashboard which includes social media audit, comprehensive analysis and custom interactive marketing strategies.

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